Friday, April 19, 2013

The most important goal scored by Chelsea

This was a rare goal scored by Marcel Desailly on Sunday 11 May 2003 against Liverpool. It was the goal that earned Chelsea a place in the Champions League and a subsequent cash boost. The match was so important that the chief executive, Trevor Birch delivered a spirited speech before the game. At the time Birch was seeking new investors and two months later Roman Abramovich saw enough potential in Chelsea to buy the club. On Thursday 26 June 2003 intense discussions pursued with Roman Abramovich and by Tuesday 1 July the deal to buy the club was made. Abramovich’s team conducted the assessment of the club and soon discovered that the available players could challenge the best in the league. All he needed was a world class manager –
“I think it meant everything to the club to win that game. Who knows whether Mr Abramovich would have been as interested if we hadn’t have been in Europe? I said that there are only a few times that your character is really tested, this is one of them. This could be the difference between staying at the top table of football or drifting into oblivion. Now is the time for you boys to step forward and prove your worth.”
Trevor Birch, chief executive (2005)

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