Saturday, February 16, 2013

Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!

The history of Chelsea FC is indeed the richest and most colourful in the league. The club has turned heads ever since its debut season in 1905 – 06. A northern newspaper placed an excited note in its stop press section: “The Chelsea team are now enjoying a luncheon of roast mutton and dry toast”. Since then the cuisine has become appreciably sophisticated and abundant as well as the additional silverware. It is a tale of glory, highs and lows, the heroes and zeroes, on the pitch and off the terraces:
“They don’t need to be helped, they settled in quite well. Their English is getting very good. I’ve taught Luca a few phrases – they’re all fluent cockneys now, which is good.”
Skipper Dennis Wise on the continental influx (1996)
“I gave Chelsea Fans what they wanted, a dream. And they gave me what I was dreaming of, too. It was a complete relationship, where I was giving and I was receiving. And I think for them it was the same. It was like the best marriage you can have.”
Gianfranco Zola (2003)
“I was in America on holiday, in LA, in a shoe shop. My dad rang me and told me. It’s funny, I remember, it exactly: it was a big thing, a billionaire taking over. But you didn’t know how free-spending he would turn out. I just remember being in a cab with my missus after, and discussing it, a mixture of amazement, happiness and a bit of worry.”
Frank Lampard on the moment Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea (2005)
“I think Chelsea in the last two years have proved that history is to changed, and because of the second title, we are not a Blackburn that was champion once, isolated, and after that is miles and miles away from it. Chelsea is not any more an isolated situation. It’s back to back. And if, in the next five years, we can be a total of three or four times champions, definitely it’s an era where Chelsea becomes powerful.”
Jose Mourinho (2006)

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