Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is Benitez too stubborn to be adaptable?

Chelsea has only recorded one win in the last 6 matches under Benitez’s reign and were unable to defeat a pugnacious Southampton after a dismal performance in the second half. Dubbed as the “worst Champions League winners ever’ Chelsea also lost to the lowly QPR in a shock result of the year.
The chair of a Chelsea supporters club blamed the poor home results on a lack of confidence due to a “toxic” environment but Benitez thinks otherwise. He stated that when the Blues are away from home they have more space to play but in their home games there is a closer atmosphere meaning Chelsea has to be more precise. Why would this “closer atmosphere” affect the play on the pitch? This brazen statement obviously hints at the state of affairs resident within the management of the Club.
The home game against Arsenal will be affected by the negative impact of the supporters though. A solution does not lie with the supporters changing heart either. Benitez will simply have to deliver on the day by introducing a few creative changes.
Frank Lampard should be awarded a new contract to win over the fans and players. Benitez should experiment with the striking power he has available by playing both Ba and Torres up front. Their high collective work rate could improve our chances of scoring and would definitely invigorate an otherwise dull game. Furthermore, if supporters want to see sensible long term decisions by Abramovich, they should perhaps consider directing their fury at the owner instead of the hapless Benitez.

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