Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Torres needs width

Torres may only thrive in a team that can offer patient, passing play and also offer genuine width. Di Matteo had taken him from the bench and given him more minutes on the pitch and was fully comrmitted to getting the best out of him. The fresh injection of youth and talent without any of the baggage and ego of the current squad should have restored his confidence. Torres is obtaining the services of one of the best young playmakers in the game and should have felt more comfortable with his fellow countryman. Mata also moved from the left to play behind him. He has also been too eager to show he can still contribute to the team even when he is not scoring goals, he is often seen dropping deep in search of the ball or drifting wide in order to feed teammates the ball. In these positions he will find it harder to score and should have focused on scoring goals instead of distribution. What was the club’s responsibility to revive his goal scoring prowess – regular sessions with sport psychologists or team building exercises perhaps?

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