Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New place, same scenario!

Chelsea's recent successes have indeed elevated the team and Abramovich's empire as a true global brand. Although Di Matteo has done the job last season by achieving the impossible the coach (and players) remain vulnerable to the whims of the owner. This was what we effectively pretended would not happen after becoming European Champions. Our sentiments suggested that he should be given the opportunity to manage the squad with its new, scintillating personnel changes. Truth be told, Di Matteo could meet the same fate as his predecessors once Abramovich's "Nero-esque traits" manifest itself when pressures build up in the boardroom. There is, of course, the tendency, as those attributes would suggest, to go "big". Chelsea officials are said to have offered the ex-Barcelona boss, Guadiola, £11m-a-year and an assurance that there will be no pressure on him to win major trophies in his first two years in charge. I think all the ex-coaching personnel heard that one before.

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