Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More than two points dropped

Yet another emotionally charged contest took place between these two football enmities and the dust is yet to settle.  Should this be viewed as a fair result?  That obviously depends on how objective this spectacle between these leviathans can possibly be examined.  Personally, we simply cannot be reduced to blaming alleged biased refereeing as this encounter should be considered at all costs a battle between two capable strategists, although AVB appears more cavalier than the seasoned Ferguson.  It would be suggesting that the game’s result and probably the fate of all matches of this prestige will be affected by the whims of a careless referee.  In all honesty, a series of awarded penalties should be attributed to quality ball possession by Man United.  The attack obviously reached enough momentum to breach the penalty box area.  Irrespective of whether those penalties were worthy to be awarded or not, AVB’s abilities remain questionable and poor player management remains detrimental to all title hopes.  The result seems like a victory to Ferguson I’m afraid.

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